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Flaws in Pakistanís Education System:
Published By ejaz007 on 2012-10-12 176 Views

A wise man once said that education is the third eye of a man. According to constitution of Pakistan it is the duty of the government to provide quality and free education to all the children of the country. If a nation fails to provide quality education to its children it is the worst kind of self-inflicted catastrophe that can be imagined. Education is the only tool that can build a nation and ensure the growth, prosperity and continued progress. For a developing nation like Pakistan education has even more importance and even a slight negligence by the state in not providing quality and free education can have disastrous results. We shall not be able to compete in the world and shall lack behind in every field. Unfortunately Pakistan’s education system has some major flaws that need to be addressed.

The first and foremost problem is the lack of funding. According to latest figures available in 2012 budget education was allocated only about roughly 1.8% of the total budget. With such a low percentage results cannot be achieved and quality education cannot be ensured.

The second major problem is the multiple systems of education prevailing in the country. With government schools providing a different system of education and private schools a different education system level playing field cannot be provided to all the students who complete their studies especially when they enter the professional fields.

Third major problem is the expensive private schools and colleges operating in the country without any competent authority keeping a check on their activities. This results in poor children being not able to make use of these schools and quality education only available to those who can afford it.

Fourth problem is the lack of proper training of teachers and untrained teachers providing education to the students. This problem needs urgent attention especially in the government schools where teachers are not properly trained and in some cases not even properly educated.

Although with increasing awareness among the people about the problems facing the education system and increasing number of seminars and workshops being organized by different organizations government has slowly started focusing on the education sector. Different measures are being taken by the federal and provincial governments to improve the standard of the education. Particularly notable effort is the distribution of laptops among the students who perform well and scholarships for positions holders. Hopefully other steps shall also be taken to improve the education system.

These are the major faults pointed out and some other reasons not necessarily the mistakes of the government are also responsible for the present state of affairs of education system. One should hope that education system shall receive the attention it deserves and government shall wake up to her duty and responsibility as provided for in the constitution.

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